Initial and recurrent aircraft training at its best


Airline Quality Training

Training is Step One to Flying Safely.  Midwest Training Professionals, LLC. is owned and staffed by aviation professionals with over 40,000 hours of flight and aviation training experience. Our staff of highly experienced instructors includes Part 121 Airline and Part 135 Charter Check Airmen and Designated Pilot Examiners.  Learn with Real World Training for today's Real World Flying, in your aircraft.


MORE than just training...

We provide Insurance Approved Initial and Recurrent Training, in a variety of Turbine and Cabin Class aircraft, that exceeds industry, and, most importantly, your standards. We specialize in Real World aviation training for today's demanding environment. We provide Insurance Approved training in:

  • Beechcraft King Air Series aircraft (including B100)
  • TBM series
  • PC-12
  • PA-46 (T) Piper M series 
  • PA-31 Series (including Cheyenne)  
  • Twin Cessna Series 
  • P210

We are  also a leading provider of specialized instruction in the Piper PA-24 and PA-30 Comanche and Twin Comanche series as well as many other  vintage aircraft, rare or common.


Choose Safety, Experience and Quality

From re-visiting the basics of flying to  advanced cockpit equipment and procedures, you will be a safer and better Pilot by choosing MIDWEST TRAINING PROFESSIONALS, LLC. as your training provider.


Instrument Skills and Procedures Rusty?

Take advantage of our configurable Full Motion Flight Simulator to get your skills back without burning up time on your aircraft.  We want to make sure You are trained in the best manner possible.  There is no substitute for actual flight, but when it makes sense to train in simulation, Midwest Training Professionals, LLC., has you covered!

Tell Us your needs....

We will design real world and effective aviation training to fit your budget and experience. We are available in the Indianapolis area or at your facility...

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Midwest Training Professionals, LLC.

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